Custom Baby Quilts

Folks have often told me, "You should sell these!" upon seeing my baby quilts. While it's infeasible for me to quit my job and become a self-contained quilt-making factory, I would be overjoyed to sell you a custom-made baby quilt. If you are interested, feel free to email me:

  • I'm happy to work with you if you have a particular color scheme, motif and/or pattern in mind (i.e "I want something that has elephants and lots of pink!" or "Real modern looking, with solid fabrics only and no cutesy prints!") Give me as little or as much direction as you want. 
  • Price for a baby quilt (up to 40" x 40") will range between $150-200. If you want to use only organic fabric/materials, price will be $250. 
  • Turn around time 4-6 weeks.

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