November 1, 2015

Solid half square triangle wedding quilt + heart squares

This was a fun one to make. It was a wedding gift for an old high school pal and his sweet baker-of-a-wife. I went super simple design-wise with some big, solid half square triangles. I might've had some notes about the size of the blocks, the colors i used, etc. but I can't seem to find them (or maybe they never existed to begin with?) Regardless, I managed to take lots of photos of this one, thanks to favorable summer sunlight conditions (this one was made back in May/June). Side note: As I write this, it's a cool November evening, and the sun set at 4:50pm for crying out loud. Bring back the warm summer sunshine and 8:00pm sunsets!
Ah, the eternal struggle of half-square triangles: so many different layout options! 

For the first time ever, I "tied off" a quilt, using navy-colored perl cotton. It was so fun! I definitely want to do it again sometime. I also quilted on the outsides of the diagonals.
Ok, I am smitten with the back of this quilt. My friends got engaged in Paris, and I remembered I had a fat quarter of a Paris map fabric, so I thought it might be neat to incorporate that somehow. I used this tutorial for a heart block. Then I thought about how the two of them had eloped in San Francisco, and I just HAD to make another heart with San Francisco-themed fabric. I ordered a cute print on Spoonflower (my first time purchasing something from them). For a second, I thought about making a Tennessee/Nashville heart too (hometown, represent!), but I couldn't find a decent fabric (and I didn't want to overdo the sentimentality). I love how it turned out.
here's another close up of the quilting and center tie
binding close up
throw-sized quilt, good for picnicking or couch-snuggling
Paris heart. Oui oui!
San Francisco heart
two hearts
Congrats, Brandon and Lauren! 


  1. I love those hearts! Such a sweet and personal touch. And the tying off gives it a vintage vibe...always a plus in my book.