March 19, 2011

fabric produce bag

week 3's sewing class was canceled today, so i went to the franklin farmer's market & brunch with a pal, did a little shopping (bought nothing), and hung out with big sis carrie and nephew elliott (went to e's baseball practice & indian food for complaints there! perfect way to spend this lovely-weathered day).

i don't want to lose what (little) sewing chops i have, so i decided to tackle a new project (rather than falling back on the two things i already know how to do: folding wallet & pillow).  i found this pretty easy & free .pdf pattern for a fabric produce bag, so i grabbed my least favorite fabric from my stash (in case i messed up) and one hour later churned out this:
now that me and my sewing machine are on a somewhat friendly basis, i think my next hurdle will be reading/understanding patterns. it's easier for me to have a human show me what to do rather than deciphering pattern directions (i'm totally owning up to this being my own fault/problem, and it has nothing to do with the pattern-makers themselves). it takes me a second (or ten) to get it. and when i finally do, i think, "duh, katie!"  it was neat to try out a bag with depth and handles. and now i can add this to the ever-growing list of "things i can make."  but i am certainly looking forward to a human lesson next week.

March 13, 2011

pillows part 2 and wallets

wow, it really has been about a year since i sewed my first pillows. since then, my sewing machine has been sad and lonely, and every once in awhile i'd glance at it and wonder when i'd feel comfortable touching it again. when i learned about STITCH classes  (taught by alexia abegg in a studio above local honey on belmont blvd), it seemed like the perfect (and affordable) thing to get me (back?) into sewing. i am currently enrolled in sewing 101, and with 2 classes under my belt, i have a newfound enthusiasm.  all i can think about is sewing and fabric. i can't remember the last time i had such fervor for a creative art. and it feels so nice!

the night before the first class, i (tried to) reacquaint myself with my sewing machine. but it was like running into someone you've only talked to once, then you see them again and you're forced to make (awkward) conversation. it was uncomfortable and i treaded very lightly around the threading mechanism.

during the first class, i was still a little nervous, but in the end, i walked out with a little (lopsided) pincushion. i practiced some more the next day (after a trip to hancock fabric in murfreesboro, where once again i had to sort through 90% crap to find the 10% awesome that store has to offer).

friday night i made this pillow (this is a good tutorial), and after doing so, i felt WAY more confident on my sewing machine.

we made wallets during saturday's class, and i was excited to use this super adorable bear fabric i bought at textile fabrics (unlike hancock, textile is 90% awesome and i have a hard time restraining myself).

tonight, i used this strange fabric (butcher & the baker!) to make the mister a wallet:

next week, zipper pouches. then a tote bag & an a-line skirt. huzzah!