September 25, 2015

scattered quilt for elliott

Everyone in my immediate family has gotten a quilt as a christmas gift, except my one and only nephew, Elliott. I'd been wanting to make him a quilt for many years, but realizing he was soon to be hitting that "not a kid any more" transition (he was 10 at christmas; turned 11 the following month), i held off. I didn't want to make something with cutesy, cartoony fabric only to have him outgrow cutesy, cartoony things the very next minute. He's very much into football, but making him a football-centric quilt wasn't something I wanted to do, either (selfish aunt? I'm not so into the football...). So I waited til I found just the right thing. 

I had the moon phases fabric from lizzy house's (old) constellation collection in mind because this kid's middle name is Moon (really!) Then I had to find a cool pattern. I got "Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe" at the library and Cluck Cluck Sew's "Scattered" pattern really jumped out at me. I picked out some accompanying fabrics (some more Lizzy House, some of Rob Bancroft's Micro Mod collection, some lotta jansdotter, and that pop of yellow) and got to work. *I think the pop of yellow really makes the quilt and I'm glad I threw a few of those in there! 
I made this quilt a little smaller than called for (the pattern finishes out at approx 60 x 72, with 10 blocks across and 12 blocks down). This is 9 blocks across and 11 blocks down (I had to make sure it was small enough for me to quilt at home. I did straight, horizontal lines. Not sure of the final measurement, but i believe it was approx 54 X 66). 
horizontal quilting + the quilt back 
Here's me and Elliott on christmas morning. I didn't know how he'd react, but I really think he liked it! He even remarked that sewing all those pieces together must really take a long time. It did...but for this kid, i'd do anything. I'd make him quilts to the moon and back.

*sorry for the dark, dreary indoor photos. hard to get outdoor pictures in the throes of wintertime. but at least you get to see my silver christmas tree?*


  1. Sweet picture of you and your nephew....what a perfect quilt for him!!