April 5, 2014

blue and white triangles baby boy quilt

This was the last quilt finish for 2013. Because I went on vacation right after Christmas, I had to finish this one up in time for the mid-January baby shower I was co-hosting with 4 other gals. The mama is one of my dearest friends and I wanted to give her something she and the baby would treasure. It was (kind of) a custom quilt - she looked through my pinterest pins and pointed me in the triangular direction. She also let me know she wanted a lot of white and pinned some fabric choices as well. I wanted to surprise her A LITTLE and thought I was doing so with the Joel Dewberry Navy Herringbone fabric. Unbeknownst to either of us, she chose that very fabric to make window pelmet boxes! So...that worked out well!
I used my standard triangle quilt count for this one (9 rows of 11 triangles, plus the 18 half-pieces for the ends) but was a little more scientific with how many of each i used (to give a little more balance & to make sure white was the most predominant 'color').
 9 Raindrops, 27 light blue, 27 Herringbone, 18 Gray, 36 White = 117 triangles. I outlined the triangles to create a diamond quilting pattern and used gray for the binding.
basting on the kitchen floor
The back of the quilt was a single piece of a really interesting navy & white print - the company is based in Denmark & I've only seen it on Hawthorne Threads and a few shops on etsy, so I don't think they have wide US distribution. It's a very scandinavian print, for sure, and I enjoyed using something not as widely recognized in the fabric world.
My friend cried when she opened the quilt, so... mission accomplished! Baby boy was born in February and I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon with the family a few weeks later.  I fed him a bottle and (tried to) burp him. I didn't know I could feel that sort of love for a friend's baby; I thought such a feeling was only reserved for my own family.

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