April 19, 2011

a big tote bag

when last we met, i had begun work on a tote bag in my sewing class. the next class ended up being postponed because the air conditioner wasn't working (and on an 85 degree day in a 2nd floor old house, you really need A/C...) but we were back on track on the 16th and i finished up the bag:
i chose a deep purple, floral fabric (to counteract all that cute animal stuff i'd been using, i suppose).  it's lined in aqua and has 2 big pockets, with some little pockets sewn onto the big ones (see photo below).  the bag could be reversible, but i sewed down the corners (much like i did for the produce bag) to add some depth. all and all, i'm very pleased with it.
"inside" of the bag

i've also been making some more wallets. i did a cute tree one for my good ol' buddy liz (didn't snap a picture)...and this rooster one:
 my fabric stash is getting slightly out of hand:
our final class is the 23rd...skirt!  in the meantime, i need to figure out if i'm going to take sewing 102 or quilting 101...


  1. You're inspiring me to re-learn how to sew! Love the tote!

  2. Whoa! You know I didn't finish this project, right? Your's looks awesome! Where is the rooster fabric from!!??

  3. Looks great, Katie!! I'm about to start on a quilt for my nephew who's about to be born. I should post things on blog about it.

  4. thanks, kelly! i'd love to see your quilt progress!

  5. sigh, all of your projects look so great. what kind of class are you taking? i miss you btw!